Power Rangers Dino Fury Morpher First Look

We have our first look at the Power Rangers Dino Fury Morpher thanks to @PwrRngrSite on Twitter. This gives us the first Morpher for the new series. Noted on the Dino Fury Pink Ranger the key gimmick is much changed from the Japanese version– as expected since the two Bandai Japan and Hasbro do not have any teams working together on the toys like Bandai Japan with Bandai US. The new Dino Fury Keys do not fold out like the Japanese Keys. They are one sided with a metallic sicker and sculpted on the other side with groves for different sounds for the Morpher. The Dino face its self has a lower jaw that will come up for a armored helm visage once the key has activated it with specific key sounds. There is a bit of difference between the two as you can see below. Release date for New Dino Fury is next year.

US Hasbro version next to the Japanese Version DX Ryusoul Changer for comparison

Cant wait for Hasbro here is a Amazon Link for the Japanese Version

Bandai Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger DX Ryusoul Changer

Amazon Link

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