Ensky Reveals Sailor Moon Enteral: Paper Theater Craft Books

Yes this is a craft book, but we are nerds and collectors– what better way is there to celebrate Sailor Moon fandom and the upcoming Sailor Moon: Eternal film…films…experiences…than by playing with our (paper) dolls again! I think these are so beautiful and such unique products. Plus, who doesn’t love books and paper products? I know I do.

Ensky now brings us a larger size in their Paper Theater lineup! This “Sailor Moon Eternal” Paper Theater features a six-layer structure for an amazing 3D image, and it’s fun to assemble the precision laser-cut paper parts; when you’re finished you’ll have an amazing piece of art to hang on your wall or display on your shelf! Glue is not included.

Fans can choose from the Inner Senshi and/or the Outer Senshi with Chibi Moon book. Each one costs $23.57 from HobbyLink Japan and will ship February 2021.

Sailor Moon Eternal: Paper Theater Sailor Senshi 1 (PT-L15)

Sailor Moon Eternal: Paper Theater Sailor Senshi 2 (PT-L16)

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      • I was talking about how much I really like this product.
        I have a fantasy of being peaceful enough to work on this incredible card art, so much so, that, a little kid watching me, wants to emulate me. Once, in their head, and, once again, out of my sight, because it’s what they want to do, they just needed a lot of help to divorce themselves from the Television.

        I think you’re a great person Miss Stone.

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