Gordian Warrior Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian

Gordian, or Gardian as we knew him, was as part of the Godaikin line imported by Bandai America. This toy was owned by about every kid at some point in the mid 80s. The Russian nesting doll robot was widely available at every JCPennys and Sears one fateful holiday season. Me and my two brothers all got one that year, in fact. Despite the fact we knew nothing about the original series in those days, toy shelves were filled with wonderful and awe inspiring robots.

The Godaikin Line brought about many such incredible and majestic Super Robots to the States and this revision by Bandai is much much better than the original in every way possible. Not to mention you can not find and original version today without the dreaded blue plastic knees being broken. It is a strong and unique giant robot with style and new possibility the old could never match. Available later next year, this piece is key for any robot collector.

Vintage Gardian Toy

Celebrating forty years since the release of the legendary Chogokin Gordian toy comes this totally re-envisioned Soul of Chogokin edition. Standing a titanic 320mm tall, and featuring full action posability this unique concept features three mighty robots nested inside one another, piloted at their core by the hero Daigo Otaki.

Long revered by robot fans, now Gordian can be enjoyed with the finest in modern toymaking technology. This edition solves the issue previous toy portrayals have had with balancing the size of each robot in comparison to their on-screen appearances.

Soul of Chogokin know-how allows for both accurate proportions and high poseability — together with a full set of accessories and weapons for dynamic displays — plus bonus parts for replicating Garbin’s face in early and later portrayals. This is the ultimate edition of the classic super robot!

Gordian Warrior Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian aka “Gardian

Product Features

  • 12.59 inches (32cm)
  • Made of ABS, PVC & Die-cast
  • Three mighty robots nested inside one another
  • From the Gordian Warrior anime
  • Ultimate edition of the classic super robot

Box Contents

  • Daigo Otaki figure
  • Clint the Panther figure
  • Protesser figure
  • Delinger figure
  • Garbin figure
  • 2 Gordian bombs
  • Bomb drill
  • Green light sword hilt
  • bomb drill blade
  • Green light sword blade
  • Protesser weapon hand (right)
  • Protesser bomb hand (left)
  • Magnum Punch
  • red light sword
  • Delinger weapon hand (right/left)
  • Garbin face parts
  • Shine shield
  • Mighty Raibo
  • Raibo blade
  • Shuriken
  • Duke Screw
  • Meliken Sack base
  • White light sword
  • 2 Foot missiles
  • Pair of weapon hands (A)
  • Pair of weapon hands (B)
  • Pair of open hands
  • Stand

Available – April 2021

Retail – $369.99



Vintage 80s plastic Model kit

Available – Now

Retail – $20.00

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