Premium Bandai Announces Sailor Moon Compact House Premium Collection Transformation Brooch

Bandai has announced a brand new type of Sailor Moon toy product– a Polly Pocket style compact with tiny dolls inside. While this toy is adorable and looks to be high quality, the price ($50) and recommended age on it (15+) clearly dictate this this is a collectible. And I’ll speak for myself– if my five year old daughter saw this toy, there is absolutely no way that she could keep her little hands away from it.

Inside the compact, we have Usagi’s bedroom complete with iconic pink rabbit and moon bedspread. The background pasted to the inner top of the compact shows recognizable locations from Sailor Moon, Crown Game Center and OSA-P Jewelry.

Again, this is a beautiful toy and a really fun idea. I just personally think it’s a bummer that Bandai isn’t making consumer level children’s toys for Sailor Moon anymore. This is a kids’ toy in my mind, and definitely one that won’t appeal (price wise) to all collectors.

Official Listing from PBandai:

Compact House Premium Collection -Transformation Brooch-Introducing the “Compact House Premium Collection”, which is a collection of Usagi’s daily life in a glittering transformation brooch! It is a cute compact house that can be opened and displayed, or closed and displayed.

■ Price: 5,280 yen

■ Preorders start on November 12, 2020/ Scheduled to be delivered in mid-March 2021

■ Will be sold at Premium BandaiP Bandai Listing:

[Set contents]Compact house body, 2 dolls (Sailor Moon, Luna), pedestal

[Product material]Compact body: ABS, PVC, PMMA

Doll: PVCpedestal: PVC[Product size]Compact body: Approximately 710mm / 27 in Doll: Sailor Moon approximately 21mm / 0.8 in Luna Approximately 17mm /.6Pedestal: Approximately 190mm / 7.4 in

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  1. I just sold the last of my childhood Polly Pockets. I wish they would stop tempting me with these cute little things. The tiny Luna is almost too much to pass up!!

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