Transformers Headmasters Retro Box Wave Walmart Exclusives

Hasbro’s Fan Friday included a lot of in-stock items revealed after the Transformers broadcast. And then… there was Walmart. The Headmasters Retro Box Wave did not show up at– in fact, it is still missing a week later. However, the images have escaped because apparently, Hasbro apparently doesn’t have a firewall or all of their images just got straight to forums by default.

Fans now have full images for what we are calling the Transformers Headmasters Retro Box Wave. This wave looks great– all of the Titan Returns Headmasters Hardhead, Brainstorm, Mindewipe, and Chromedome with no paint deco changes. They are back in retro boxes and let me tell you as a box guy, I love this. You want my money, give me retro boxes on more stuff.

But please– don’t give them to Walmart. Walmart pre orders or (Later Orders as I like to refer to them) have not gone up yet. With all things Walmart, their pre orders ship long after they fulfill the stock in the stores… multiple times. So pre order for safely, but buy them in the store when you see them. You know I will.

Headmasters Retro Box Mindwipe

Headmasters Retro Box Hardhead

Headmasters Retro Box Brainstorm

Headmasters Retro Box Chromdome

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