Super Sentai Bioman Bio Robo and Bio Dragon Super Mini Pla

Bio Robo and Bio Dragon are from the Super Sentai series Choudenshi Bioman. We never really got that here in the states. Bio Robo was imported as an Godaikin robot sold in most toys stores in the 80s and Bio Dragon was found as well usually at import stores and comic shops.

The Bioman series was even the first pitch from Saban aka Bio-Man for what would be come Power Rangers in the 90s, staring Mark Dacascos as the lead Bio Red. Both the Main Robo and carrier craft are coming out at Super Mini Pla next year. The Bio Dragon will be Premium Bandai exclusive. We also dug up the DVD if you really need your Bioman fix before February.


Bio Robo from the 1984-85 Super Sentai series “Choudenshi Bioman” gets a new Super Mini Pla release from Bandai! The lineup consists of Biojet 1 and Biojet 2; combine them to form the mighty Bio Robo! There are two randomly-packed kits in each box, and each kit comes with a piece of ramune candy as well. Add this iconic giant robot to your own collection, and order yours today!

  • Size Approximately 15.5cm x 7cm in Bio Robo form
  • Materials ABS
  • Biojet 1
  • Biojet 2

Release Date – February 2021

Retail – $45.22

HLJ Link

Super Mini Plastic Big Scale Bio Dragon Premium Bandai Limited

Set contents
● Plastic model
bio dragon
● 1 ramune confectionery

Material Plastic
parts: ABS, MABS

Battleship form Total length: Approx. 24.5 cm, Height: Approx. 14 cm
Aircraft carrier form Total length: Approx. 31 cm, Height: Approx. 8cm

Release Date – February 2021

Retail – $104.00

P Bandai Japan Link

Bioman DVD Set


Amazon link

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