G.I. Joe Retro Packaging Wave 2 Images Leaked

At this point Wave one for the G.I. Joe Retro Packaging line is still barely on store shelves and already, Wave Two images have been leaked. We can see Wave Two consisting of Roadblock, Scarlet, and Destro. These figures they are made from multiple older molds. Scarlet has the head from the SDCC exclusive figure and it looks great. The Roadblock is a repaint but the head is off a bit matching more of the current Classified Series look than the retro. Lastly, Destro is a the 30th anniversary mold for that head and style I like it lot.

It still seams that someone in Hasbro doesn’t really know what Retro means exactly. This is more along the line of “Modern Best of Line” or “Ultimate Modern G.I. Joe”– the only real retro about this line is the card art. This is why we have been referring to the line as the G.I. Joe Retro Packaging line. Talk is September for these to drop, but here we are and I still haven’t seen Wave one in stores or received any of my pre orders from Walmart.

Images from Reddit:

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