KISS is Shoutin’ it Out Loud as Fisher Price Little People

Get ready to rock ‘n roll all night (and party every day) with this special edition celebrity Little People figure pack featuring the band KISS! All four members of the band are brought down to Little People toy size with their own character figure styled to look just like the real stars! Measuring about 3-inches tall, this rockin’ figure set is the perfect gift for any KISS fan! And trust me, you know that over here at Toy Wizards, we are mega huge KISS fans who are always looking to add more and more to our collections.


For $19.99 (and this set is in stock now), you will get all four rock stars in the stubbiest, cutest little form you can imagine! The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Cat Man (aka Gene, Paul, Ace, and Peter) are the Kings of the Nighttime World, and they’re going to make you Rock Soldiers! Or something. Get yours today!


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