Toy Wizards Review: KISS Action Figures by Bif Bang Pow!

Toy Wizards would like to thank Entertainment Earth for providing us with sample copies of the Bif Bang Pow! Rock and Roll Over / Psycho Circus action figures to review. These figures SOLD OUT instantly, but if you bookmark the sales link, you might be notified if they come back in stock.

I just adore KISS. The music, the gimmick, the makeup, the fun. And if you watched my review of the KISS Geeki Tiki mugs, you’ll know that there is no limit to how long and deep the KISS puns roll with me.

KISS Rock and Roll Over The Demon

KISS Psycho Circus The Demon

Now, it’s funny, because it turns out I have a prior wave of these KISS action figures in my collection. Which wave, I’m not completely sure. Being that the Rock and Roll Over/Psycho Circus wave are Series Four, I think the Paul and Gene pieces I have are Series two or three. I purchased them sealed at a show for $5 each, and they were the same Entertainment Earth exclusives. Remember, these pieces retail for $14.99. And at that price point, you’re getting a good deal! They are the same size and scale as Star Wars Vintage or the upcoming G.I. Joe retro line and those cost the same price.

These KISS figures, however, are definitely for display only. My children adore KISS right alongside me, and they were very eager to open and play with these. As a toy journalist and collector, my kids don’t usually pay too much attention to what I am procuring or reviewing, but this time, all bets were off. They needed to play with these. And unfortunately, Peter’s arm fell off in a hurry. Meaning, they are sort of delicate. It is also somewhat difficult to get the instrument accessories to pose with the figures. They don’t exactly fit in their hands and once fixed in place, the instruments float a little.

That said because of the size and scale, you can very easily make a beautiful diorama or stage and post these guys. A little putty or glue and everything would stay in place on a shelf if that’s how you want to pose them. I think it’s high time for a Peter/Cat Man character to come with the full drum set! These figures are incredibly detailed and articulated and are really fun to pose and play with. They’re a perfect addition to any KISS fan’s collection.

I give the KISS Rock and Roll Over / Psycho Circus 3.75 inch figures by Bif Bang Pow! 3.75 out of 5 inches.


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