Funko is Finally Giving Fans McDonald’s Character Pop!s Via Ad Icons Line

Welcome to McDonald Land, the home of hopes, dreams, and escapism of every child born in the 80s. While news of the impending Funko Pop! line leaked earlier this year (mostly via YouTube if you research), these beauties are finally here and ready for fans to snatch up via Entertainment Earth. And seriously, this is going to be huge. And I say that because my fists and wallet are ready to procure these and I don’t even collect Funko Pop! (as a rule, we all have exceptions in our collections, right?)

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I’m not even kidding when I say that as a kid, I worshiped McDonald’s. It was more than a good time for a great taste as McDonald’s. It was more than food, folks, and fun. It was more than I’m loving it. It may have had something to do with the romance of Mac Tonight busting a Peter Pan at your quiet, lonely window with promises of hamburgers, excitement, and adventure. It may have even been that at McDonald Land, you dance, sing, go on trains, and are surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends, helmed by the friendly and charismatic Ronald McDonald who make sure the fun stops at noon for an awesome lunch every single day.


Whatever it is, I was in. A billion percent. Fly me away to the fantasy world. I don’t want to be here anymore.

While other and more grand stories/movies/comic books of escaping into fantastical worlds would be sure to follow, McDonald’s was the first to present that sort of storybook land to my very young eyes and it made an impact. Plus, who could beat the incredible playgrounds back then with the metal slides, hamburger jail, adorable burger seats and more? So today, give your childhood three cheers to Funko. Even if we’ve snubbed our noses at the food. That mascot/friend Neverland imagery is etched in forever.

Entertainment Earth has some of these items already in stock, so act fast to get your 3.75 inch McDonald’s Funko Pop!s before they are gone. You can click the character name to get to each one’s purchasing page. They cost $10.99 a piece, each sold separately.

Ronald McDonald – $10.99 – Restocking Now

The Hamburglar – $10.99 – Restocking Now

Grimace – $10.99 – Restocking Now

Mayor McCheese – $10.99 – Restocking Now

Officer Big Mac – $10.99 – Restocking Now

Are you out there, Funko?! Here is my McDonald’s Funko Pop! Wave 2 Wishlist:

  • Mac Tonight
  • Birdie
  • Fry Guys
  • McNuggets, Drink, and Burger characters
  • Captain Crook

Let’s make this happen!

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