Spin Master Games Releases Titanic: The Board Game

Holy ship…we’re sinking! Get ready for some serious nostalgia as you play as Jack, Rose, and other passengers of the Titanic in this awesome party game using cunning and strategy. It’s up to you to save as many passengers as possible from the sinking Titanic over the course of nine rounds. Gather life rafts and supplies. Getting on a lifeboat won’t win you the game, however. Just like in the movie, you’ll have to be heroic to come out on top!

  • JAM-PACKED WITH MOVIE NOSTALGIA: Play as Rose, Jack, Cal, Ruth or the Captain, making life or death decisions at every turn!
  • STRATEGIC DECISIONS DETERMINE WHETHER YOU SINK OR FLOAT: Should you gather supplies and Star Cards to ensure your safe future, or will you help rescue fellow Titanic passengers to earn Heroic Points?
  • NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE: Titanic gameplay is constantly random, guided by a turn of the cards and player strategy.
  • QUICK START, FUN AND ENGAGING: Take out the game components, read through the easy-to-follow instructions, then launch play! For 2-4 players, ages 12 and up.

The game even has its own PS1 style websitethat captures Days 1-4 from “everything is fine” to “WE’RE GOING DOWN!”

Titanic: The Board Game costs $24.99 and is available for purchase today at Target.

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