GameStop Opens Preorders For G.I. Joe Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander Helmet Replicas

GameStop, charming and organized as ever, is giving fans two exclusive G.I. Joe items that is of course not advertised correctly on its website and zero details are given about it. We will do our best here based on images alone. Let’s rock.

Geeknet, Inc. has created a display replica of Snake Eyes’ and Cobra Commander’s helmets. While these replicas looks sizable, they are definitely not costume prop replicas and these sucker can’t be worn. Therefore, upon the stands they loom, watching you with eyes unseen. Grrrr….hiiiisssss…

At $119.99 (with a shipping date of 10/15/20) for Snake Eyes and $119 with a shipping date of 9/15/20 for Cobra Commander, we should expect pretty decent bang for our buck. As we’ve seen with the PCS Collectible statues (both the Power Rangers ones that we’ve reviewed and the upcoming G.I. Joe statues we reported on), collectible items at GameStop tend to give you reasonable bang for your buck. Therefore, if you want a piece of Snake Eyes memorabilia that is a little different, rock the helmet.


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