Black Seed’s Tokusatsu Vinyl Giant Pre Orders Are Up

Black Seed’s first release in their Tokusatsu Vinyl series is the transforming Beast Giant! We had reported this previously as a Thailand Toy Expo release. That would have made it almost impossible to get a hold of. However Black Seed made it a wider release and luck has it that this creation is being sold at one of my favorite online stores, Tokullectibles. Not to mention they have them up for preorder. It makes the price on these adorable mini Megazords way more affordable. 


The release features 5 individual vinyls machines:

  • 01 Tyrannosaurus Machine: 4.7″ tall
  • 02 Pterosaur Machine: 2.3″ long
  • 03 Vampyrictis Machine: 3″ long
  • 04 Triceratops Machine: 3″ long
  • 05 Mammoth Machine: 5.1″ long

All 5 machines combine into one 7.1″ tall robot!

Release Date – September 2020
Retail -$120.00

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