Toy Wizards Review: Ghostbusters TUBBZ by Numskull

Toy Wizards would like to thank Numskull for providing us with an Egon and Ray TUBBZ Cosplaying Duck to review. You can pick up your own today from BigBadToyStore (Egon here, Ray here) for only $13.99 each! They are shipping June/July 2020.

Who you gonna call? Some adorable cosplaying duckies, that’s who! I am an absolute sucker for this gimmick and I say without any shame that Numskull Designs has got me. Hook, line, sinker, money, dollars, wallet, whatever the expression is. We were fortunate enough to receive two Ghostbusters inspired TUBBZ– both Egon and Ray.

The details on these toys are simply incredible. The price point, $13.99 is fair in my opinion. At that price, these can either be collectible display items or actual toys for kids to play with if you’re brave enough to watch these beauties float in the tub.

Each one comes in a personalized bathtub, colored and labeled according to the franchised from which it came. But more importantly, the details on the ducks are incredible. There are tons of colors and paint. There are folds in the fabric of the Ghostbusters suits the characters are wearing. The proton packs on their little backs are perfectly sculpted and colored. Tiny facial details to help you recognize the characters are present, such as Egon’s glasses, stern expression, and hair. Similarly with Ray, he has Dan Aykroyd’s signature confused eyebrows and disheveled hair. Peter and Winston are available as well, each just as distinct and awesome looking.

I give Ghostbusters TUBBZ from Numskull Designs 5/5 Quacking Wizard Stars.


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