Mattel Opens Preorders on Jurassic Park Amber Collection Dilophosaurus and Dennis Nedry

Amazon Spain released images for the newest Amber collection releases. Dennis Nedry and a Dilophosaurus. Both figures are in the new six inch scale a industry standard. Dennis Nedry single handedly caused the collapse of the first Jurassic Park. He comes with a extra goo covered head and some hands along with his secret shaving kit with Dino DNA.

As we all know (spoilers) Dennis meet his end by the teeth of a Dilophosaurus. That is the second figure being released this in scale Dino has Frills or no frills included. Puns always intended. You also get the island street sign that moves to confuse anyone trying to get off the island in time.

Dilophosaurus is very nice, very long and the best version we have ever got if you have been collecting dinos like me. Both come with their featured Amber “it’s not pee bases”. Really you think they would have seen that before naming the entire collection after puddles.

Preorder links:

Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus 6-Inch Scale Amber Collection Action Figure – $31.99 – July 2020

Jurassic Park Dennis Nedry 6-Inch Scale Amber Collection Action Figure – $26.99 – July 2020

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