Flame Toys Announces Transformers Megatron Kuro Kara Kuri #5 Pre Order

This newest Flame Toys Megatron is like you mixed Megatron with a Gundam– let’s  just call that Gigatron for fun. That Gigatron went to the gym and got hella shredded. Then he ripped off  the wings of Zone of Enders Anubis and got a super sexy and stealth paint job.  Swole, AF, bro.

Now we are in the ballpark for what this new Flame Toys Transformers looks like. I am very impressed with the amazing amount of detail and style in the line. I have seen several of these in person they are beyond a doubt top tier Transformers collectible moving statues. Note: they do not transform, which is hearsay in most of the Transformers world, but not with me man. That incredible style and power is all I want to see on my shelf of greatness. Flame Toys scores on all accounts with this.



Product Description

The Kuro Kara Kuri Megatron stands over 8 inches tall and includes 7 LED lights throughout the body. Megatron features linkage articulation gimmicks, making him super poseable, and has die-cast parts, making a heavier solid figure.

Product Features

  • 8.26 inches (21cm)
  • Made of die-cast and plastic
  • 7 LED lights throughout the body
  • Linkage articulation gimmicks
  • 3 Small rifles connect to make a large one
  • Wide selection of accessories

Box Contents

  • Megatron figure
  • 2 Face plates
  • 3 Blaster rifles
  • 2 Swords
  • Claw hands
  • Flail/mace

Release date – August 2020

Retail – $399.99

Pre Order HERE at BBTS


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