Bandai Presents Macross: Do You Remember Love Movie Edition DX Chogokin VF-1A Valkyrie DYRL Hayao Kakizaki

DX Chogokin means two things: quality and bust out that checkbook. They are the top tier of Japanese collector toys. This is a Japanese only release that means we will have to pay double or more once it sells out. You can try to get it from an import buyer– if so do it now. Macross and Chogokin toys are the gold standards for collectibility and retaining worth.


This Hayao Kakiaki DYRL “Do you Remember Love” Macross Movie version had almost no time on screen so it is a strange choice as the next release. This is a VF-1A that means it is a Bullet Stopper. These get shot down and poor Kakizaki did just that. The Green markings on the valkyrie is nice to see and was very unused. If you want the super armor on that it is extra by the way.



Main product contents  ・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right each 3 kinds
・ Gun pod set
・ Pilot figure
・ Gawalk antenna × 2
・ Abdominal detail up parts left
and right ・ Decoration decal (water transfer type)
・ Exclusive pedestal set
 Main product materials  ABS, PVC, die cast
 Product size  Height: about 300mm

Release Date – August 2020

Retail Price – 19,800 yen

★ Japan-only Item  / Limited sales items in Japan ★



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