Square Enix Opens Preorders for Final Fantasy VII Polygon Blind Box Figures

In the nostalgia/retro video game fan base, there are many warm and fuzzy feelings (rightfully so) for all those bits and pixels. When you think of a game from the Nintendo/SNES/Genesis era, your mind automatically goes to that pixel art aesthetic. But time is moving forward, and so is game technology, which is why we are so incredibly in love with these Final Fantasy VII polygon toys from Square Enix!

Square Enix FFVII Polygon

Right now at Entertainment Earth, you can order an eight pack of these figures (randomly packed, blind box style) for about $64. They each stand about 2 inches tall and seriously look like they’ve been transported right out of the original FFVII game. Did you play it on Playstation, or were you a PC gamer? Most people I knew played FFVII on Playstation, except for my best friend, who always wanted to be a little bit of a rebel. This toy display may (remember, packed randomly) include Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, Reno, Sephiroth, and Red XIII. Hopefully you catch them all, but if you don’t, they will still be awesome pieces to add to your collection. Each blind-box contains one of reight figure designs with a chance to snag the special “Chaser” figure.


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