Takara Tomy A.R.T.S Announces Evangelion Battlefields Lead Controller EVA Unit-01 Ver.

Deep in the magical world of Japan, a phone game called Evangelion Battlefields exists. Upon seeing this awesome listing for an Evangelion head controller, I learned that these cool Amiibo style toys (sold separately) also exist! I just love the cultural mark Neon Genesis Evangelion has made in Japan over the last couple of years. It’s as important as Gundam and the amount of licensed merchandise for Evangelion in Japan is insane. On his last trip over there, Toy Wizard Scott showed me straight up like a hammer and set of scissors and pliers all in purple and green and costing far too much.

I’m unsure if an English version of Evangelion Battlefields will be available, but either way, this controller is badass awesome. Use it as a coaster, it doesn’t matter. It’s just incredible. You can pick one up for $40 and it will ship this month.

And please tell me this is the Evangelion game I’ve been waiting for. I’m still bitter about the time I played Evangelion on PS1 in 1999 and it was a freakin’ dating sim!



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