Get Blown Away with Electroys’ EVA Unit-01 Gatling Fan Real Tokyo-III ver.

Gatling fan, guys.

Mother flopping GATLING fan!!!

I’m so happy right now.


Available for preorder now with an MSRP of $43 (shipping in June 2020) is a real treat for Neon Genesis Evangelion collectors. Stay cool in the upcoming Summer months with an Evangelion Unit 01 that will blow you away. Literally– it’s a fan. His gun is a fan!

There is so much right and wrong with this at the same time that I don’t even know where to start. Truthfully, it doesn’t even matter, I just know that I don’t want this feeling to end. There is no official description of the product, so I have no idea how big this is. For $43, it has to be bigger than a hand-held fan, but for a licensed, important item from Japan, it may very well be that. Is it a desk fan? A full sized fan of terrible quality that goes on my bedside table?

However, considering that Eva Unit 01 is coming out of a Jack in the Box, there’s no way it can be hand-held, right? Lastly, THE ROBOT IS POINTING A GUN AT YOUR FACE AND THAT GUN IS PROVIDING YOUR RELIEF! It’s all so beautiful I can barely stand it.

Guys…it looks like I’m buying an Evangelion fan.


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