Takara Tomy Unveils Transformers Masterpiece MP-50 Tigatron

Transformers Beast Wars is really the best Transformers next to the 1985 Transformers Movie. Fight me on that, I dare you. It has cycles and storyline beyond all of the other series. One part of that was Tigatron, a Maximal that took on the traits of his beast form so much he didn’t want to be around so many other Maximals and therefore was a semi regular on the show. He had a loner attitude and backed it up with a blaster.


The toys made before Tigatron and Cheetor would use the same molds as to save money. But in the show, they where different sizes since Tigatron was a much older Maximal. With the new Masterpiece Beast Wars figure that have been coming out, they have been taking that scale issue very close to heart. I love seeing that Tigatron is much bigger (thus more expensive) Hey, you can’t ask for the world and expect it to be free. Seeing this at Wonderfest Japan earlier this year I was very impressed. They really are doing great things with the MP Beast Wars figures.

Release Date September 2020

Retail $219.99

You can Preorder at BigBadToyStore today!


Product Description

From the Beast Wars animated series, Tigatron joins the Masterpiece line as MP-50. Standing in the classic Masterpiece scale and faithfully reproduced, Tigatron is fully poseable allowing you to recreate your favorite scenes from the series. Tigatron transforms from robot to white tiger and includes several accessories.

Please Note: Product is in an additional Hasbro-branded sleeve over the Takara packaging. Package image coming soon.

Product Features

  • Masterpiece scaled
  • Made of plastic
  • From the Beast Wars animated series
  • Transforms from robot to tiger
  • Fully poseable
  • Tiger mouth can open and close
  • Instructions may or may not include English translation

Box Contents

  • Tigatron figure
  • 4 Face plates
  • Tiger Shot
  • Tiger Canon
  • Hacking Device
  • Megatron’s head type cube
  • Display stand
  • Adapter for display stand
  • Character card
  • Instructions

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