Toy Wizards Editorial: Do We Really Want Any New Toys?

Toy Fair has come and gone, and what did we learn this year? That 1986 was really the golden age of toys and it is all down hill from there. Most of us already knew that, and have been living in that dream of a bygone age for some time. I certainly have been living like it’s 1986 for decades now.

Toys really are not for kids anymore. The loss of Saturday morning tv lost its hold on kids. You can watch anything at anytime now. The waking up early to see cartoons or running home after school for Robotech is long gone. That also means that shared collective consciousness is gone. We used to talk about three cartoons every day in class. That doesn’t happen the most that can be said it kids talk about playing Fornite and all the quips about that. G.I Joe , He-Man, and Transformers are not what most kids want. They want Glitter Poop seriously go look at Target.


Most toys are made for the aging toy collector. Why did we see so many retro toys being reissued? Because these collectors are spending hundreds to thousands on eBay for the original vintage toys. Hasbro and Mattel took notice of this. They need to sell toys. What sells more than what you want? You tell them by your wallet every time you buy the next hot classic toy that looks kinda like the old one.

I am watching the anger on getting new G.I. Joes that are not exactly like what they had as a kid. There is no satisfying the collector factions. They only want what they already had and for companies to make it for them. Whenever aid company tries to make something new, fans revolt. It is a lose lose situation.

I am trying to think of a new toy line that has come out in the last few years I was excited about. Transformers: War on Cybertron is great, but it’s a reboot of Transformers again. G.I. Joe Classified Series is awesome, but it’s a reboot of G.I. Joe in a Marvel Legends skin. in the 6 inch. Diaclone are even coming back. And Jurassic Park and Barbie never went anywhere, but it’s more of the same.

I think the last new toys from some new IP was Pacific Rim that is all I can think of that isn’t a 20 year old IP. Just like movies and tv there really isn’t anything new being made it is all a reboot.


So don’t complain they are selling you the same stuff from 35 years ago. You have been asking for it literally.

Star Wars Retro Collection 

GIJoe Classified 


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  1. Yeah the stuff kids want now is almost ridiculous. Anything rainbow slime poop variations is just weird. Next time a kid asks for that I should just scoop a pile from my cats litter box and pour glitter all over it.

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