TOY FAIR 2020: Hasbro Reveals Some Legendary Marvels (Or, Searching for Sugar Man)

By Jonathan Alexandratos

Toy Fair will officially wrap Wednesday, but we still have lots of great content coming, including Toy Wizards exclusive articles and interviews you won’t get anywhere else.  Plus, we still have two more reports on the Hasbro showroom to drop, including this one on the company’s massively successful Marvel Legends.  According to The NDP Group Inc.’s Retail Tracking Service, the Marvel Universe was the #3 top property in 2019.  Therefore, the expansion of Marvel Legends into new BAF and retro territory in 2020 is a nearly guaranteed moneymaker for Hasbro.


On the retro side, 2020 will see Hasbro’s take on Toy Biz’s fan favorite ’90s-era Spider-Man animated series figures.  Starting with Spider-Man, Peter Parker, and Gwen Stacy, Hasbro will replicate the old Toy Biz card art and upgrade the figures to meet Marvel Legends standards.  Personally, I’m excited for the Parker and Stacy, as we don’t often get figures of superheroes in their non-costumed forms. (I am counting Spider Gwen as Gwen Stacy’s costumed form, even though I know that’s another Gwen Stacy and yadda yadda yadda whatever she’s a superhero.)


There are a couple of new, incoming BAFs that are very exciting.  Sugar Man (“Sugar Man…won’t you hurry…”) can be built from parts that come with cool, new renditions of Weapon X (in kind of a Toy Biz throwback design himself), Jean Grey, and Sunfire (remember that Toy Fare exclusive?).  I’m eager to build Strong Guy, too, as that’s another figure I fondly remember from the ’90s Toy Biz line, replicated by Marvel Legends in the same costume we remember.



The Black Widow movie figures have been seen aplenty, but the War Machine and Iron Man 2020 were new for me.  While I don’t have the strongest attachment to those characters, the blast-off action bases are super cool, and could, theoretically, work with myriad Legends (rocket-powered Phil Coulson?  Go for it!)


Speaking of movie Legends, I hadn’t seen these likenesses of Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique (from the James McAvoy era) nor the Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (!!!), and Domino from the Ryan Reynolds hits.  One can assume that recent negotiations in mergers and acquisitions have made these possible, and I’m not complaining.


Based on this display of Hydra soldiers and their boxes, I’m guessing Hasbro will offer consumers army builders at (hopefully) lower prices.


And no Marvel Legends 2020 display would be complete without Stan the Man, immortalized here in his very own Legend.  For a time, this was going to be a BAF built from two-packs, but then that plan was scrapped in order to give Lee his own, stand-alone figure, surely a better choice.

In all, there’s really something for everyone in the 2020 Legends line-up.  It might not all be your cup of tea, but there’s almost certainly something in there that you’ll go broke for.

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