Toy Wizards Review: Action Toys Machine Robo series Steam Robo

Tom Petty was right, the waiting really is the hardest part.

I ordered my Action Toys Machine Robo Steam Robo just over a month ago, and I truly believe I would have had him sooner if not for Canadian customs dragging their feet. But, at long last he’s finally here, and I am super excited and happy to add him to my toy shelf.

While I’m a Transformers lover above all else, I don’t discriminate when it comes to my robot toy fandom. Whether it’s Transformers, Voltron, Macross, or in the case of our friend Steam Robo aka Loco from the Mighty GoBots. I’ve written at length about my GoBot fandom and how on most days Loco is my favorite GoBot. So, when I saw a toy review of the Action Toys variation of our favorite crazy train online, I immediately went and ordered one of my own, and again I can’t emphasize how glad I am that I did.

The GoBots toys of the 80’s were super simple to transform usually only requiring a handful of steps compared to the more involved Transformers line and Steam Robo from Action Toys himself is a little more involved then his 80’s counterpart, but it’s a fun transformation from robot to steam locomotive and back. The engineering of Steam Robo is great giving us a clean aesthetic in either mode, and the inclusion of die cast mixed with the plastic on the toy hearkens me back to those die-cast GoBots and Transformers of my youth.

There’s plenty of detail throughout the figure along with great paint application with the silver and red on his legs, the D-5147 on his chest, the silver face and red eyes, and yellow along his waist. The splashes of color stand out nicely against the sleek black of the figure. While he’s not the heftiest of figures he scales well alongside other 5″ figures such as Siege Bluestreak for comparison, and while again he doesn’t have a lot of heft to him he feels solid enough in hand in either his vehicle or robot modes.


He does come with accessories, namely a small handgun for him to wield as well as a platform for display purposes that will connect to platforms for the other figures in the Machine Robo series. The base comes in 12 pieces and is a snap to assemble with the option to have him simply stand or plug an arm into his backside with a ratcheted joint system to display Steam Robo in a variety of poses limited only to your own imagination. I appreciate the inclusion of the base, however except for the occasional bit of toy photography; such as in this review, I’m not much of a base person, and will likely bag it away and stand and pose my Steam Robo how I see fit on my shelf with my other childhood GoBot toys.

There are other characters in the Machine Robo series to expand your collection and I’ve got the MRDX-01 Bike Robo aka Cy-Kill in my sights next. Action Toys I feel did a great job with Steam Robo. Seeing him on my shelf evokes many fond childhood memories and I hope to see Action Toys release their take on a character like Scooter or Crasher next. If you’re digging Steam Robo as much as I am, pick him up today for $49.99 at BigBadToyStore.

I give Action Toys Machine Robo Steam Robo 4.5/5 steam whistles.


Product Features

  • 5.10 inches (13cm)
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • From the Machine Robo series
  • Show-accurate details
  • Converts from robot to steam engine

Box Contents

  • Steam Robo figure
  • Blaster
  • Platform


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