First Look Images of Snake Eyes from Hasbro’s New G.I. Joe Toy Line Hit the Internet

If knowing is half the battle, then there’s a lot to be learned here today. There’s been buzz in the G.I. Joe toy collecting community about the return of Snake Eyes in 6 inch form, and it looks like speculation has been correct. This morning, the internet was given a First Look at what will most likely this year’s SDCC exclusive to kick off the new 6” line. Snake Eyes with the weapon rack and all those weapons in the foam plus more.

So, the question remains– will G.I. Joe fans and collectors embrace these 6 inch scaled Marvel Legend-esque Joe figures? We will have people fighting for the 1960s/1970s 12 inch Joe War-time boys figures. We have the die hard 3.75 scale ‘A Real American Hero’ collectors. And now, we have this kickoff at a potential revival in 6 inch scale. From my perspective, it looks like the designs are going to be a modern aesthetic with touches of the original file card art. So I may wait until they start releasing a “vintage” line. I just want 6” versions of the original card art.

That being said, these designs are what I would hope a GI Joe movie would look like. The marvel route of keeping key colors and design cues on costumes while not being spandex.

Yo Joe!


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