Toy Wizards Pre-Review: Let’s Jump into the Heart of a Betrayer with Starscream

All hail, ALL HAIL, for the betrayer of machine and man alike is almost within our collective grasp! STARSCREAM, self proclaimed successor of the Decepticon army, Leader Supreme of the illustrious Decepticon Ariel squadron, and THORN in Megatron’s side is now almost here and from what I’ve seen so far thanks to videos on “In Demand Toys” Facebook page, we’re able to get a better idea of what we are looking forward to for the next incarnation of the one villain we all love to hate!

Starscream is truly the visage of duplicitous malcontented mayhem. Looking for any way at all to betray his lord and master, Megatron to usurp Megatron’s rule of the Decepticons, Starscream is always on the job. Watching, waiting, …plotting for more ways to weasel his way up the ranks and sit upon the throne of rulership

Looking for your keys? Left the oven on? Odds are it was Starscream!!

Starscream looks like he’s shaping up to become a figure that will become a definite fan favorite! I really had my doubts seeing what I was acknowledging as nothing more than a glorified upscale deluxe figure but I really see him as being much more. A cross between what we’ve seen in the second version of the Masterpiece, The Deluxe from Generations and a cleaver nod to Generations Starscream

I can respect what you’re saying if you’re on the fence. I too was having a few doubts when I first saw photos of Screamer and realizing that he was more of an oversized Deluxe bot than anything else, but looking him over and judging what we got so far from the Siege line though has started making those doubts start to fade. I’m feeling a lot better about Earthrise Starscream, so lets take a look at him!

(Hasbro/Takara product images)

Starscream looks like he’s coming packaged with everything, including that sinister smirk he’s truly known for! His anime styling comes in amazingly and I feel his face is DEAD on! Carrying on with the super detailing that was in the Transformers Siege lineup, he’s carrying in a lot of style to kick his original design up a notch! Kinda like a Toy Designing Emeril Lagesese came in and said “BAM!!” Out comes Starscream in pure treacherous grandeur! Details from the air vents to all that sculpted majesty makes this flight commander a top gun of his league!

There are things in the body that I am keenly thinking would be better off getting more in the way of paneling like the lower oblique section. Screamer’s one panel off from almost being perfect but I’m still loving what I’m seeing. The fist look amazing and really pack his arms with more authoritaive power! I hear a lot of discontent about how hollow his wings are on the back, but I’m not minding this so far unless I’m totally posing my Decepticon squadron from the back only, and I don’t think I’m in any danger of that.

Jet Mode

Starscream is back to retaining his classically inspired iconic F15 Eagle Jet mode and he looks really great! The transformation takes a lot from Classics, Masterpiece and Siege combined with some bits taken from Combiner Wars in the leg compartments, but I think he looks pretty great so far! Hasbro was kind enough to give us a speedy conversion video and it’s out on both Facebook and YouTube if you can still find it. Hasbro and Takara took all three inspirations to create this ace fighter jet and I really don’t think he’s looked any better than what we’re seeing in his new incarnation!

I think Starscream is going to be a worthy pick-up and I cant wait to finally have a copy in hand ad I’m dying to compare him with his Deluxe and Masterpiece counterparts. I wonder what you’re all feeling? Hope you leave comments and I will be taking a look to see what you’re thinking if you’re interested in talking about this guy in the comments section. I am taking notes for my review on this guy, so I can’t wait to hear what you’ll have to say!

You can preorder at Hasbro Pulse and BigBadToyStore!


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