Toy Wizards Review: Lanard’s Walmart Exclusive ‘Alien’ Collection

Lanard really hit it out of the park recently with its Alien Collection toy line. Finally out on shelves, our roving reporter Scott Zillner (me) was on the scene hunting them down for you. They where announced some time ago and having them in hand now makes all the difference. Lanard is best known for ‘The Corps’, a sub brand G.I. Joe line at lower costs. Lately they have been doing some licenses like Kong Skull Island, Rampage, and Jumanji.

But now, they have really upped their game. The Aliens collection shows that they can play with the big boys. The toys are still on the low costs side but a delight to have and play with. Unconventional colors end up really working for me and the incredible beautiful boxes are beyond what we are used to at such a reasonable price point.



Colonial Marine vs Alien Warrior

Blue Alien Warrior vs one limited articulation marine with sentry gun.

The Warrior has a very nice articulated body with ball doing hips , and arms and head. He has knee joints mid arms swivel with movable feet and hands. The blue is almost pearlescent that adds a nice hue to the figure as well. Best part about these sets it the overall value at $9.84 retail you get two figures and a gun in a big bright beautiful box with some absolutely amazing art on it.


Xenomorph Drone With Figure

Here you get the Alien Drone– this figure is articulated like the warrior but some sculpt differences that keep the line great. Yellow pearl mold color with no paint on them at all. This set also comes with an egg and a Face Hugger that is a more detailed sculpt than the Kenner version. To top this all off a articulated scientist in for a very bad day. Again, great price point $9.84 for all this fun.


Xenomorph Runner vs Weyland Commando and Planetary Rover Bike

Here we get a Runner, or as it was known in Alien 3, Dog Alien. This figure has movable legs with ball joint arms elbow head and tail. Color is red pearl and makes a lot of fun for running and jumping poses. The Weyland Commando comes with a Planetary Rover Bike and gun. Note: if you’re wondering– yes, you can make the Runner Alien ride the bike. image0(1)


Again great price point for everything you get here– two figures and a bike for $9.84


Super Power Loader vs Green Alien Warrior

This has an older Power Loader from the Corps line– the Super Power Loader with autogun and power claw. This can fit most 3-4 inch figures in and I can’t wait to figure out what is my best figure to fit in there. The Green warrior is nice color swap it is the same mold as the blue warrior but Green pearl mold color. These are the Deluxe sets and have a giant window box and cheap price point of $14.92



Advanced APC with Colonial Marine

Here we get another Colonial Marine, a redo of a older Lanard corps figure again but he comes with a all new APC advanced even. This is not true scale or close to it, but price point happy at $14.92. It is almost 1/35 scale by eyeballing it. Making it great for tanks model kits and repaints. It is a very solid toy and can hold two figures inside the APC.

Lanard-Toys-APC-Play-Set-1Lanard-Toys-APC-Play-SetAlien Queen

This is the star of the line. She is a huge, huge, very big articulated figure. In a very nice regal violet with shades of blue into purple. And it is much bigger than any Queen we have had before, and I will say it the nicest action figure of the Queen mother we ever got. Now wait for the price on this beautiful, must have toy of the year: $19.87.

This amazing piece is under twenty bucks! Can you even believe this Space Madness?!?


This line is amazing head to toe (or claw, whatever you want to call it).

Here is the series  rundown in one spot:

  • Xenomorph Warrior vs Colonial Marine $9.84
  • Xenomorph Drone and Facehugger vs Scientist $9.84
  • Xenomorph Runner vs Weyland Commando and Rover Bike $9.84
  • Super Power Loader vs Xenomorph Warrior $14.92
  • Advanced APC with Colonial Marine $14.92
  • Xenomorph Queen $19.87

You can buy the whole line for $79.23 plus tax only at Walmart, folks.


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  1. Nice review, these things look fun! If they ever turn up here in the UK I can see myself getting that scientist/face hugger set.

    If you could only have one set which would you go for? Excluding the Queen!

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