Procrastination Pays at Target This Holiday Season!

For some of us, it never fails. No matter how prepared we try to be in getting our holiday shopping done, there always manage to be a few items left to pick up in those final, hectic shopping days. Well, never fear, my procrastinating friends! Target has our back with some outstanding last-minute toys deals for kids and collectors alike.

Star Wars

A funny thing happens when a new Star Wars movie takes the stage: everything old, feels a little bit new again. And with Disney+ in our corner we’re all able to get as much as we can handle of a good thing. So, Target’s ongoing Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Star Wars toys, clothing and bedding is an absolute gold mine of deals for every fan on your last minute list.

This sale is an amazing opportunity to help collectors on your list round out their Black Series pick-ups with Target Exclusives like the C-3P0 and Babu Frik 2-Pack for $19.99, the First Order Elite Snowtrooper for $24.99 and the ever-elusive Carbonized Mandalorian for $24.99

And while we’d love to be able to stroll in to our local Targets and just real quick pick up a Cara Dune, Cal Kestis or Jannah , Christmas might not be our season. But what Target can offer you this holiday season is they Buy 2 get 1 deal on all of your Baby Yoda preorders! That’s right, while you may only pre-order one of each figure, a combination of three different Baby Yoda figures will earn you the least expensive item for free! Check out the upcoming selection of THe Child figures HERE!

A number of Star Wars Hallmark decoupage Christmas ornaments are both marked down and qualify for the BOGO sale. You can snag Yoda, an X-Wing, BB-8 and Chewy all for just $4.90 a piece, buy 2 get one free. R2-D2 is going for $5.25.


Every brick-building fanatic knows that LEGO is both pretty expensive and rarely marked down. So a 20% off sale on select LEGO building kits is definitely noteworthy and a great way to snap up an impressive gift at the last minute this holiday season.

Target is featuring LEGO deals on a host of our favorite franchises like the LEGO Super Heroes Marvel Avengers Movie The Hulkbuster Smash-Up 76104 build, now just $23.99. There’s the LEGO Jurassic World Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape 75929 (one of my personal favorite action sequences from the new films) for $47.99. No list of awesome builds could leave out the LEGO Movie and Emmet’s Triple-Decker Couch Mech Build 70842 for $23.99 is definitely a highlight of the sequel

The sale also includes cool vehicle builds from Overwatch, Ninjago, Batman, Harry Potter, and, of course, LEGO City, LEGO Creator and Star Wars.

Popular Toys for Kids, Past and Presents

Everyone who has children or has shopped for a child, knows that there’s always one hot item that every kid just has to have. Well, the newest, coolest items in some of those lines are probably long gone, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t get excited about some cool toys that won’t break the bank.

The L.O.L. Surprise line was predicted to be the creator of the hot kids toy of the season. With some of these surprise balls going for upwards of $100.00, it’s nice to have some discount options that still contain all the sparkles and fun your child wants this year. Starting at the low end, the L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Globe Doll Winter Disco Series for $8.79 contains one of twelve possible unique dolls with glittery winter-themed accessories. The L.O.L. Surprise! Fluffy Pets Winter Disco Series for $10.39 contains one of eighteen possible fluffy friends. And if you want to go all-out for big daddy of L.O.L. toys this year, the L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise is $99.00 marked down from $119.99 and boasts “14 dolls and 70+ surprises!) (Sale on this specific item ends Tuesday, December 24.)

If your child is into something a bit less sparkly but equally surprising, Hatchimals have been quite the craze for the last several holiday seasons, and this year is no different. For a fun mini surprise, the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Royal Multipack for $9.99 contains 4 of 50 possible Hatchimals and Accessories Blind Pack. You can also pick up the 2-pack for $4.89. And from now until Tuesday December 24, you can get the Hatchimals WOW 32” Interactive Blind Pack  with Re-hatchable Egg for $49.99. That’s $30.00 off regular retail price!

And, for whatever reason (I don’t care to speculate) the most popular trend for kids of 2019 — The Poop Toy — can be had in the form of the Play-Doh Poop Troop Set with 12 Cans on sale now for just $6.99.

So head out to Target and peruse the last-minute sales for all of your procrastinated toy gift needs. This year, it won’t just be better late than never, you can actually get some pretty sweet deals for waiting to finish your holiday shopping!

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