Iron Studios & Mini Co Collectibles Announce New ThunderCats Figures

And to throw the opinion in there real quick, they just sort of look like meh. Seriously, they’re not pretty and I don’t like them, but part of doing the Toy God’s work is presenting fans with options for them to live their best collecting life. All of these mini statues, which include base for display, and can be preordered today:

Iron Studios, as some may know, is a producer of premium statues and figures. They are comparable to Hot Toys in their scale, style, and price. For the most part, their work is very nice, but for this collaboration with Mini Co Collectibles, I’m just really not into the style. Much like Hot Toys with its CosBaby line, toy makers don’t need to always tap into the Super Deformed Chibi Market and offer a smaller, cheaper product. Although I personally think Hot Toys’ CosBaby line is cute.

All of these ThunderCats figures…or statues…whatever they are, cost $29.99, which I think is quite a hefty price tag for a tchotchke. I mean, for $15 more dollars, you can buy perfect ThunderCats figures from Super7, and for like $11, you can get the super charming (at least I think they are) Savage World ThunderCats figures from Funko.

What do you think– will you end up collecting Iron Studio’s mini ThunderCats toys? Are they not your style? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!


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