Blitzway Reveals Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Figure Set

Holy mother of stars and cash, these figures are expensive.

I mean, I realize that we over here at Toy Wizards showed off a $575 Transformers Unicron piece and then tried to convince readers that buying it is a good idea. And hell, buying it is a good idea! And if you’re a fan of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure these are probably the best looking figures on the market of the two radical dudes.

With an MSRP of $389.99 from Toy Origin, these Bill and Ted action figures are not only incredibly detailed, but they are big. Seriously, they are nearly a foot tall each. They also come with a whole mess of accessories (complete list below). You are definitely getting your money’s worth at this premium price. But you live your best toy collecting life. And remember…

Stay excellent.


Bill and Ted are two high school buddies who dream of becoming international rock stars. Their hilarious time travel adventure is depicted in the amazingly audacious comedy Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Blitzway presents the Bill & Ted Sixth Scale Collectible Set of these two funny and charming characters, Bill and Ted. This is your chance to own the friendly duo in one go!

It’s like having them pop up right in front of you, with their iconic fashion and elaborate accessories. Besides, the iconic props are designed to let you reproduce a variety of wonderful scenes from the movie.

Product Features

  • Ted 11.80 inches (30cm)
  • Bill 11.40 inches (28.90cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Newly designed and developed male bodies with over 30 points of articulation
  • Flexible soft arms

Box Contents

  • Bill figure
    • Purple pattern shirt
    • Graphic t-shirts
    • Pair of blue jeans
    • Pair of pattern underpants
    • Pair of striped socks
    • Pair of canvas shoes
  • Ted figure
    • Blue jacket
    • Black vest
    • Graphic t-shirt
    • Pair of graphic shorts
    • Pair of inner training pants
    • Pair of striped socks
    • Pair of canvas shoes
  • 12 Interchangeable hands (total for both)
    • 2 Pairs of guitar hands
    • 2 Right blow fist hands
    • 2 Pairs of open hands
    • 2 Right good fortune hands
  • 2 Guitars
  • 6 Bracelets
  • Watch
  • Backpack
  • Public phone
  • CD & case
  • Notice poster
  • Fabric wall banner
  • 2 Newly designed and developed figure stands


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