G.I. Joe Silent Castle Fan Project Tease

The main Silent Castle image has been around on the internet for some time now. Well now,  “The Fans Strike Back LLC” have started promoting a possible fan project to get it made. Hasbro have been very unconcerned about crushing any Fan projects that cross their IP lawyers sights. However, lots of new G.I.. Joe fan made projects have been getting out there, and the G.I. Joe collecting community has been very vocal about wanting more (heck, anything) from Hasbro for the G.I. Joe franchise.

I mean I would not say no to any giant playset I always wanted but it has never been made. So we will keep our eye on this and see what happens next.

From the site:

Serpent’s Lair

(cobra silent castle)



It’s REALLY happening, it’s spectacular, and it will change GI JOE collecting forever.

Currently in development, and closer than you think. And you can be notified first on when and where to get it. Use the “Notify me first!” button below to register with us, and be the first “kid” on your block to lay your hands on one!

*3 new pictures added, 8-5-19

(Box art is concept only, and not final. Prototype images are work-in-progress, and subject to change. Payment info is NOT required at his time. Feel free to bypass that section.)

Once in a lifetime…don’t miss it.

They give you a link to get informed we signed up LINK 




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