Toy Wizards Hit The Discount Shelves: Toys We Saw At Ross (This Week)

Welcome to another edition of Tales from the Discount Shelves! I’m Loryn Stone, and today, I’m hitting ROSS to check out what’s lurking on the “get this crap out of here” toy graveyard. What’s funny about discount toys in general is that I often wonder “Where did this stuff come from?” When you go to stores like Target and Walmart these days, it almost feels like they never restock their shelves. And really, the Ross stores near me seem to get ‘new’ toy inventory probably every…I don’t know…3-4 months. And that’s not an embellishment.

But we are diligent, my fellow toy obsessees! And we persevered! Because Ross finally restocked, and in typical Toy Lover fashion, I’m just fascinated by what lands on the discount shelves. We will break this down by toy type and you can determine whether or not you agree that some of these pieces are trash, and some are treasures.

Or which are just more haunted memories from the Hasbro Graveyard.


Army Toys (AKA Not G.I. Joe)


Cupcake Delights

I am so sad these Cupcake Delights aren’t successfully reviving, and I think it’s from the quality. I remember having some of these toys in the 90s, and while I didn’t love them as much as my Barbies, I enjoyed the novelty of the Cupcake dolls. Now, there are playsets for them clearly, which I’ve never seen at Walmart. Only the loose girls (heh heh) are at those stores. So this was a surprising and interesting find!

If Haschel Toys has any contact information or email address, send them to this Wizard!


DC Toys

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Starfire! ::heart eyes:: Seriously, this doll is beautiful!


Destiny (Yes, the video game)


Disney Toys


Funko Pops



Kitty Club

Look at her FACE! Why don’t they just cut the crap here and call it Pussy Club? ME-YOWZA.

Like…you know…cats. Don’t be a perv.


Lisa Frank Slime.jpg



Marvel Toys


My Little Pony (The Movie)

I have absolutely no idea what happens in this MLP Movie, but every time I see one of the toys and character designs, I’m blown away and want to watch it. Rainbow Dash has an airship! And what the hell with Tempest Shadow over there?! CAWWWW!




Star Wars Toys

Mighty Muggs on the discount shelves? What evil toy genius would have ever predicted that?! 


Toy Story 4

Not going to lie, I’m a little surprised to see Toy Story 4 anything on the shelves this quickly.



Keep kicking toy ass, Jada Toys!


And The Rest!

Again, the reason for articles like this isn’t to shame or make fun of any toys. It’s really to sort of learn about brands and concepts that stick and what stays on the shelf for too long. Like that Trolls set up there? That box was enormous and beautiful and the set looked amazing. But it didn’t move on the shelves, or at least not at whatever store or warehouse Ross cleared from. There were even toys there that were Target exclusives!


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