Super7 Releases Toxic Crusaders, The Worst, and Iron Maiden Keshi Toys

Next week at @sdcc_2019 in San Diego! The Keshi Universe of pocket-sized pals expands with a new assortment of Iron Maiden, Toxic Crusaders, and The Worst 1.75-inch Keshi Figures! Each new 3-pack on card will be available at Super7 Booth 2543.

Also AVAILABLE NOW at is the new Toxic Crusader Keshi Trash Can! The translucent green trash can features Toxie’s face molded on the lid and contains a full set of twelve 1.75-inch Toxic Crusader Keshi figures. Every can also includes a random chase figure in clear slime green!

Are you a Keshi collector? Are these toys that get you all excited? Tell Toy Wizards about it in the comments and get the conversation going!


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