Penelope Gundam RX-104FF 1/144 scale Coming Soon From Bandai

RX-104FF Penelope Gundam: thats a long name and this is a weird Gundam. The Penelope is for those fan like me of Sentinel Gundam. Side story giant weird looking deep space looking mechs. There is a lot of back story I won’t bother you with, let’s just say its been a wanted item for a long time and we are getting a real kit finally.

In the UCHG series this is a 1/144 scale kit but it is not small. The Gundam comes out of the outer flying armor that is neat and I didn’t think they would do that. It is just amazing what we are getting out of Bandai these days.

Manufacturer – Bandai

Cost – 7480 yen

Release date – October 2019


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