BombusBee Shows Off First Two Entries Of Third Party Transformers Toys

There is a new kid on the playground.

BombusBee, a seemingly brand-new third party company shows off their first two entrees in a Bayverse movie Devastator. Complete with the swinging balls!


This line will have seven items total, and will combine into the Troublemaker if you collect them all. When fully combined, it will be approximately 52cm in height, which is 20.5 inches. There will be many parallels to Hasbro and Takara Tomy’s own studio series release of this ugly designed monster. Actually, we’ve seen very little of that one too, even though a couple of Constructicons have been release already.

Our feelings, ultimately?

It’s really too bad there’s so much effort and engineering going into such a garbage design from the Bay movies.


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