Coleco Announces Limited Supply of Rainbow Brite and Robotech Arcade Game Mini Machines

Coleco Evolved Mini Arcades, recreations of the 1981 classic tabletop arcade machines updated with two new games: Rainbow Brite: Journey to Rainbow Land and Robotech The Macross Saga. Let me tell you– Coleco nailed it with these two franchises. Yes, Macross/Robotech is amazing. Please don’t think I’ll ever say otherwise. The drama, the robots, the characters, the Valkyries…the….Minmay?

But Rainbow Brite. Holy starlite, Rainbow Brite. I’m not even kidding, there are few things I’ve written about as much as I have written about Rainbow Brite. Go ahead, click this link right here and read all of my Rainbow Brite articles. I’ll wait.

Seriously, this colorful show about this messianic little blond girl defined by baby-brain in the late 80s.


The Coleco Evolved Mini Arcades feature the classic shape and heavy-duty plastic shell construction as the original Coleco minis from the 80s, this time with upgraded modern technology inside. Each mini arcade features:

  1. Full-color LCD Display
  2. Powerful new gaming chip set
  3. Revamped joystick and accurate action buttons
  4. Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack
  5. Highly-detailed, colorful Rainbow Brite or Robotech art wrap

MSRP: $74.99

About Rainbow Brite: Journey to Rainbow Land

Hallmark’s Rainbow Brite TV series launched in 1983 and quickly became a favorite of little girls around the world. The next year, Mattel released a line of cuddly plush dolls, forever cementing into pop culture history the cheerful girl and her Rainbow Land pals.

Now players can join Rainbow Brite and her pal Starlite as they spread color and happiness in this classic RPG-style game, Journey to Rainbow Land. In the game, players take on Murky and Lurky, the enemies of Rainbow Land, who just want to make the world as murky and dismal as they are. Rainbow Brite is a retro classic RPG for gamers of all ages. The game has an MSRP of $74.99, comes in a standard white or limited edition silver case, and can be purchased here.


About Robotech: The Macross Saga

Robotech made its pop culture splash down in 1985 when Harmony Gold released their epic 85-episode Robotech cartoon series. The series’ success paved the way for toys, figures, books, movies, and of course, video games.

Robotech: The Macross Saga puts players in the driver’s seat as Earth’s last defense in an epic intergalactic battle against alien forces. Players transform their Veritechs into three modes: Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid to battle on the ground, in the air, and on enemy ships. Each level challenges players to pick the right mode at the right time to successfully take down all sorts of different enemies. Fans of Robotech and 2D side-scrolling action games will love playing The Macross Saga on the Coleco Evolved retro platform. The arcade mini comes in standard blue or special edition gold, has an MSRP of $74.99, and can be purchased from Coleco right here.



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