Calibre Wings Reveals a Die-Cast Macross VF-1S Fighter San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

There are few things more exciting than learning about new San Diego Comic Con toy exclusives. Especially when they are well-made, beautiful items like die-cast metal ships from one of the most amazing anime franchises in the whole world; Macross, known in the west as Robotech. I got together with Calibre Wings, creators of the new die-cast VF-1S ship to learn a little more about this San Diego Comic Con exclusive. It will be available only at the Toynami booth, is limited to 300 pieces, and will run in the $130-$140 range, although an official price has not yet been confirmed.


As an exclusive sneak peek for Toy Wizards readers, Calibre Wings also gave us a glimpse of the official packaging for this amazing VF-1S ship.


Calibre Wings is calling this specific edition of the 1:72 scale VF-1S Fighter “Farewell Big Brother”. Farewell Big Brother is a commemorative model for Pineapple Salad, season 1 episode 18. The Fighter features bullet holes damage, soot effects and bloodied ejection seat. It also comes with a pilot, who can be posed in or out of the ship, which you can see in the images below. Reminder, this screen accurate, fully painted metal ship does not transform; it’s not meant to. It is a perfect replica just as is and not a single detail is missed.

A non-San Diego Comic Con exclusive edition will be released after the show for fans who are not able to snag one for themselves.



About Calibre Wings:

I started plastic scale modelling in 1991. For unknown reasons, I just love scale models and I especially love the painting and weathering aspect of the hobby.

Calibre Wings was founded by evolution moreso than by accident. If by accident, the story was that in late 2013, I was approached with a 1/400 A380 diecast model project. I then started discovering more about die-cast. However the knowledge was never quite in commercial airliners although for a period of about 12 months, I was having airliner fever.

Then it dawned upon me that the state of the diecast jet fighters and miltary models’ market is years behind the advancements of action figures and chogokin robots. That is when Calibre Wings evolved from the original Calibre Toys.

A fledging company, we found our “dent” in the universe with our F-14 model in 2015. It shouted to the world that we are going to put the detail in die-cast models which has been around for years in the plastic kit industry.

Our early struggles with production held back the debut of the F-14 model’s release for almost 1 year. However, we are confident now that we can start delivering our brand of scale models to collectors worldwide.

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