X Plus Rolls Out 5 New Godzilla Figures From 62-Now

Godzilla: King of the Monsters has officially hit theaters and the world is kaiju-crazi…er than usual. In spite of all of the acres of Godzilla figures, vinyls, Pops, statues, and action figures roaming through the free world, X Plus brings us five new figures to help drain our wallets faster than you can say GAMERA!

Godzilla 1962: Toho 30CM Series Favorite Sculptors Line Godzilla Walking

Release Date: August 2019

MSRP: $178.63


X Plus’s figure of the mighty Godzilla features the King of the Kaiju as he was seen in 1962’s “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” striding purposefully down the Tohoku Main Line! He’s sculpted by Inoue Aarth with the incredible attention to detail that X Plus is known for, and is about 32cm tall. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan now!


Godzilla 1964: Toho Dai-Kaiju Series Godzilla  

Release Date: July 2019

MSRP: $130.35

Screenshot 2019-06-02 15.50.49.png

As seen in 1964’s “Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster,” here’s the King of the Kaiju, Godzilla! This version of Godzilla was modified from his appearance in “Mothra vs. Godzilla,” released the same year. He’s 25cm tall, and has been sculpted with X Plus’s well-known intense attention to detail. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan today!


Godzilla 1971: Defo-Rea Godzilla Tagonora Landing Ver. 

Release Date: June 2019

MSRP: $57.93


I’m not personally sure if I’m in love with this style of Godzilla, but somewhere out there, there’s someone looking at this little smooshy faced puppet mouth laser dragon and living their happiest moment in the world. As seen in 1971’s “Godzilla vs. Hedorah,” the mighty Mr. G makes another appearance in X Plus’s Defo-Real figure lineup! Preparing for the confrontation at Tagonora, he’s about 13cm tall and unbelievably cute! He’s fully painted, and some minor assembly will be required. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan today!


Godzilla 1999: Toho Dai-Kaiju Series Godzilla

Release Date: June 2019

MRSP: $130.35


This magnificent figure of Godzilla depicts him as seen in 1999’s “Godzilla 2000,” complete with his distinctive large back-fins and ferocious head, not to mention all the incredibly detailed sculpting that X Plus is known for! He’s about 23cm tall, and seriously, I love the colored touches with the soft fuchsia adorning his spikes and spine. You can preorder him now from HobbyLink Japan.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019: Defo-Real Godzilla

Release Date: October 2019

MSRP: $67.59


The Legendary version of Godzilla finally joins the Defo-Real figure lineup from X Plus! As seen in 2019’s “Godzilla: King of the Monsters,” the Kaiju King unleashes his atomic breath into the sky, in a figure both awe-inspiring and adorable! He’s about 25cm tall (including the atomic-breath effect part), and he deserves a place of honor in your collection. You can preorder him from HobbyLink Japan today!


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