GameStop Shows Off E3 Toy Exclusives (That You Can Preorder Now)

E3 is almost here, and what better way for GameStop (parent company of geek lifestyle brand Think Geek) to celebrate than by dishing out a whole mess of exclusive toy products.

We already discussed the Mega Max X Zero Mega Buster prop, which we feel is the highlight item among this collection of E3 exclusives from GameStop. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate and admire the whole lot of them! Check out the entire lineup of GameStop’s E3 toy exclusives now!

Which one is your favorite?

GameStop’s Exclusive E3 Collectibles

Persona 5 Funko Collector’s Box – Only at GameStop

Release Date 9/10/2019


POP! Cereal: Sonic the Hedgehog – Sonic – Only at GameStop

Release Date 9/6/2019


Mega Man: Mega X Buster Replica with Sound Effects

Release Date 9/20/2019


Fallout T-51 Power Armor Replica Helmet Nuka Cola Edition – Only at GameStop

Release Date 6/11/2019


Gears of War 5 MK3 Lancer Replica

Release Date 12/31/2019


The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim Shrines of the Nine Divines Vinyl Set

Release Date 7/26/2019


Modern Icons: Borderlands 3 – Tiny Tina Statue

Release Date 9/2/2019


Pokemon Lucario 12 inch Plush – Only at GameStop

Release Date 8/4/2019


Modern Icons: Borderlands 3 – Moxxi Statue

Release Date 9/2/2019


Overwatch: Tracer’s Blaster Replica

Release Date 10/20/2019


Splinter Cell: Sam Fisher Goggles Replica

Release Date 11/1/2019


Borderlands 3 Echo Device Replica

Release Date 9/2/2019


Modern Icons: Doom Eternal – Doom Slayer Statue

Release Date 9/2/2019


Beyond Good and Evil 2 Deluxe Poly Resin Statue

Release Date 6/30/2019


Overwatch: Mercy’s Blaster Replica

Release Date 10/20/2019



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