Japanese Preorders Open For New Bandai Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Figures

It’s no surprise that here in the United States, we are consistently a few seasons behind with the Japanese Tokusatsu television franchise ‘Super Sentai’. As many people know, is where footage for the American Power Rangers comes from. While we are still waiting on Hasbro’s second wave of Beast Morphers toys to drop in the Fall (Ultra Megazord now, please), Japan has their own new season with an array of toys. Fun Fact: Beast Morphers is based off a Super Sentai season from 2012 and is not the most recent series in Japan.

The newest sentai series ‘Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger’ (yes, another dinosaur inspired season) started airing in March 2019, and it looks like new action figures of the rangers themselves are available for preorder in Japan.

For $50, Tokullectibles states you will receive seven figures, though only six of them are shown in images. Is the seventh toy a surprise? Is it a secret character that might be an accidental spoiler if shown off too soon. You can preorder the set here, and check out all of the Ryusoulger toys available here.



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