Hasbro Taiwan Teases Transformers Generations Select WFC-GS02 Red Wings

Video in Chinese or not; there’s no denying that this man is checking out one awesome toy.

Transformers Generations presents the WFC-GS02 Red Wings: this version of character and coating design is based on the characters in the wings universe comics comic (inspired by G1 CARTOON BACKGROUND); Special Crimson Plus-battle damage coating, High 7 Inch, 22 steps are deformed. There are two “Zero-Ray Laser Launcher” Weapons Accessories. You don’t have to be a Transformers expert to see that this toy has Starscream’s signature smirk.

As discovered through an article and thread on AllSpark, the history of this red Decepticon has a pretty cool origin story, one that you can read about via Twitter post. Don’t take this as gospel– for all we know this toy was a prototype, left forgotten, resurfaced, or a coloring error. It really doesn’t matter. All we know is that isn’t wicked cool looking, and knowing more about it makes for a really cool read.


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