Original Power Rangers Art Statues Are Being Made By My Hero Studios

Sometimes you have to go above and beyond what is available in stores in order to get your Power Rangers collectibles fix.

While many fans in the Power Rangers community are acquainted with the beautiful creations being made by My Hero Studios, this will be a stunning treat for the uninitiated. Coming soon from the indie art studio are three Power Rangers statues, with one getting ready to ship soon!

The first, while sold out, is worth drooling over. It is a MY HERO Studios Custom Design Ranger Series WHITE RANGER quarter scale maquette Based on Carlos Dattoli Re designed Ranger art .

The second creation is the original Red Ranger creation. This one is also 1:4 scale and has weathered paint on the base, while the suit and sword are battle damaged. In addition to images of the item itself, plus one side by side with the prototype, there are production images available, letting fans and customers know that this sexy little number will be out for delivery soon!

And last but not least, My Hero Studios flashes the big guns and opens preorders for their new Lord Drakkon figure. The concept art shows Drakkon on his throne, sneering and snarling, crushing the helmet of the Red Ranger while the disembodied helmet of the rest of the Mighty Morphin Rangers lie at his feet.

In order to get your hands on one of these babies, you have to send My Hero Studios a direct message and they will provide you with ordering information and costs. Gives a new meaning to ‘It’s Morphin’ Time’, doesn’t it?

Time for my bank account to…you know…morph from full to like…empty. Or something.

Broke mode sequence has been initiated.

Broke mode activated!


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