Super7 Partners with Peanuts as Part of 70th Anniversary Wave of Merchandise

Peanuts Worldwide has inked deals with four new licensees in the toys and collectibles world. All of them seem very, very exciting. The partnerships include agreements with Kahootz Toys (Colorforms), Mondo (art prints), Squishable (plush) and Super7 (toys). Each of the deals comes ahead of Peanuts’ upcoming 70th anniversary in 2020.

“Expanding our presence in the collectible aisle is an important part of our 70th anniversary strategy,” says Lindsay Martinez, vice president, hardlines and partnerships, Peanuts Worldwide. “Kahootz Toys, Mondo, Squishable and Super7 are leaders in the toy and collectible business, with high quality product that we feel will resonate with lifelong fans, as well as kids.”

Super7 states, “Super7 x Peanuts! Stay tuned as we launch our new partnership with Peanuts in the coming months leading into Super7 being part of the upcoming 70th Anniversary of Peanuts next year! Good Grief!”


As a mild collector of Snoopy items (and Peanuts books), I am so excited for this new wave of product. Peanuts’ popularity hasn’t waned, it’s just manifested in these sort of product waves. Snoopy is exceedingly popular in Japan (known over there as Snoopy and Friends), and as a mom, I can proudly admit that my son’s nursery was loaded with Baby Snoopy merchandise. (I still have his diaper bag, which is an out of print design and worth quite a cute penny now). I also have my Snoopy juice cup that my grandma gave me when I was three, as well as a Snoopy music box coffee mug that plays ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra. Plus Christmas ornaments galore, and a second Charlie Brown and Snoopy music box, and…

Image result for snoopy fights chair gif

Needless to say, I’m excited for these partnerships and new Peanuts products!


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