New Challengers Appear in Storm Collectibles’ Line of Street Fighter II Action Figures

Ah, lovely, lovely Storm Collectibles. Creator of action figures. Maker of toys. And…

Updaters of websites?

Its true!


You may recall last week when Toy Wizards reported on Storm Collectibles’ new Guile from Street Fighter II action figure. At the time of reporting, there was only one image available for us to drool over. And drool we did. Guile did not have an MSRP at the time, but we guessed that like Storm’s Baraka figure, it would run in the $80 range and debut at San Diego Comic Con alongside Storm’s Baraka figure. We were correct– the piece is priced at $85 and will be shown at SDCC with the Baraka figure.  Guile will feature:

Brand new custom developed body  

  • 4 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts (featuring a injured head-sculpt) 
  • 8 x Interchangeable Hands 
  • 2 x Sonic Boom Effect on Hands
  • 1 x Sonic Boom Effect
  • 1 x Flash Kick Effect  
  • 1 x Sonic Boom Stand
  • 1 x Guile’s Comb

Guile, Baraka, and the other Storm Collectibles Street Fighter II action figures we’re discussing today are available for preorder now.



What we did not anticipate were the two new challengers Storm Collectibles chose to drop in front of our wallets this week! Brand new to the collection are Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter II, both 1:12 scale and have an MSRP of $75. Both Ryu and Ken have a shipping date of August, 2019 (San Diego Comic Con, baby!) and feature:

4 x Interchangeable Head Sculpts (featuring a injured head-sculpt)
6 x Interchanging Hands
1 x Hadouken Effect
1 x Hadouken Effect Stand Product

Will you add these challengers to your toy collection?

Storm Collectibles’ Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Image Gallery:



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