GameStop Leaks Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man Fan Channel Exclusive Figure (Avalable for Preorder Now)

GameStop shot their web a little too soon with this one, prematurely revealing the next Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary action figure before it was time for it to hit the wonderful world of preorders.

This item is available for preorder now. It has an MSRP of $19-22 dollars and will ship October, 2019.


This ‘Big-Time’ beauty is a Fan Channel exclusive and isn’t available to even view on any toy stores and retail sites quite yet. Rumor around the playground is that is will show up sometime between tonight and Sunday, May 12th for us to actually empty our wallets upon.

Fans agree that this specific Spider-Man figure was one that was in desperate need of a do-over. The last time it came out was during the ‘Return of Marvel Legends’ wave, which you can still find on Amazon from independent sellers in the $100 range, before shipping.

Behold the old:

There’s a super fun monster-blood glow to this version of Spider-Man, and with the new design sensibilities Hasbro and Marvel have been implementing, we hope that this new Spider-Man exclusive will be as exciting looking in person as it is in that teaser image above!

The 6″ Marvel Legends figure will likely retail between $19.99 – $24.99.


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