Marvel Legends Spider-Man: Far From Home BAF Revealed

Spider-Man may have been dusted in Thanos’ snap, but not even the Infinity Gauntlet is more powerful that Disney’s franchise plans, so we’re getting another Spider-Man movie, along with a new wave of Marvel Legends, featuring both MCU characters, as well as fan-favorite comic characters!



And Hydro-Man is here, too.

The wave consists of seven figures total. We’re getting movie versions of Spider-Man, Mysterio, and Spider-Man in stealth suit, as well as four comic figures: the afore-mentioned Hydro-Man, the six-armed Doppelganger, Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman, and the long-requested Scorpion. All of these had been previously revealed, but what we hadn’t yet seen was the Build-a-Figure. Well, now we know, and knowing is 2/8ths of the battle…or something.

“What the hell is that?” you may ask, looking at accessories that, on their own, look like gnarled turds. Well, those gnarled turds are none other than Mark Raxton, aka the Molten Man.

Or you can customize your own Golgothan, from the Kevin Smith “classic”, Dogma.

When I first heard we were getting a Molten Man figure, I was pretty psyched. This one leaves me pretty underwhelmed, as it’s kind of a misshapen blob, but maybe it’ll grow on me. I’m just used to seeing Molten Man more like this:

When contacted, Mark Raxton admitted “It’s been a rough few years; I’ve kind of let myself go.”

What do you think? Are you excited about the new Molten Man BAF, or would you rather have seen something a little more in line with the comic’s traditional look?

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