Bandai’s Macross VF-1D Valkyrie is Coming Out This Month

It may not be the VF-1S that we’re giving away here at Toy Wizards. It might not be the VF-1A that was sold out in minutes to possible scalpers a few days ago. But coming this month from Bandai is a 15CM VF-1D Valkyrie from famed anime series Macross.


This awesome new toy has an MSRP of $73 and stands just under 6″ tall. You can order him here, and hopefully, he hasn’t been completely scooped up like his predecessors. I think my favorite part of this Valkyrie might be the 1979 Commodore keyboard color scheme we have going on. Not even kidding, I had a little Japanese Pong console with the same pallet. It’s glorious. The face, antenna…everything about this piece is indicative of a world far past, a beautiful reminder of a simpler time.

Or if nothing else…it looks cool as hell.



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