Bandai Opens Preorders on Great Mazinger Soul of Chogokin Figure

Ladies and gentlemen, the Robo-Daddy Supreme is becoming a Bandai Soul of Chogokin. And that figure is of the Great Mazinger.


Look at him standing there, all majestic and jutting. He knows he’s delicious and that everyone in the room wants him.

great-mazinger-dc-anime-color-version-gx-73sp-limited-edition-soul-of-chogokin- (3)
Have you seen my jetpack? And my tush?

With an MSRP of $154, this Great Mazinger Soul of Chogokin is expected to be out for shipping in September, 2019. You can preorder him right here. This lovely is a limited edition and right now the price is very reasonable for what it is, so if you want this big boy, you should get on it now. This figure is brand-new and stands 18CM, which is just over 7″ tall.

Check out the rest of the images from Bandai below!


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