Toy Wizards Review: Kaiju Big Battel Kakeshi Mini Figures

Kaiju Big Battel is a live action show of Kaiju battling in a wrestling ring over a cardboard city. This is amazing and I have been a fan of the guys for a long time after meeting them at SDCC Comic Con years ago. They would sell VHS tapes of there live shows and even bits and parts of old deceased Kaiju.

Recently, for their 10 year anniversary, they came up with a Kickstart project idea at Dcon with Matt Doughty of Onell Design. The project came to a head with this special line of Kaikeshi or Keshi figures. These are small little almost rubber-eraser-like plastics. What we got was 11 figures in classic Kinnikuman or M.U.S.C.L.E. flesh color for the line and a Kickstarter bonus of glow set as well if you really wanted more.


The Line includes the following figures Astroroach, RoBox, French Toast, Cycloptopuss, Pheyden, Silver Potato, Pedro Plaintain, Sky Deviler, mother and daughter, and Dr. Cube Minion.

On top of that all the figures where sculpted by George Gaspar. Well known for the  OMFG keshi figure line and tons of other great stuff like Robo Toy Fest Robos Keshi. Double GG toys has a exclusive set of Purple versions a you can only get at his direct site


IMGP0067So, we got all three sets of color ways currently available. They are great figures slightly taller and bigger than the OMFG or MUSCLE lines even the RTF guys. Since they are Kaiju, hey, why not be a little bigger. I like to think they are regular keshi in suits so that makes the scale perfect. They are really great figures I hope we see more color ways down the line I am thinking SDCC or Dcon .



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