Master Custom Robot Artist Adds ‘Zone Fighter’ Jumbo to His Line Up

Tom Hughes is absolutely no stranger to the world of custom Jumbos.

A lifelong fan of Japanese Kaiju (giant monster) films and the Tokusatsu genre in general, Tom and his group of artists create custom robots of characters they want to see as toys and just aren’t able to find.

Or that they at least can’t find on a mass or readily-available scale.

The internet went crazy when he revealed his Jet Jaguar custom Jumbo last year. Tom made them available on a limited basis, creating about fifteen of Godzilla’s robot sidekick, which he then sold for approximately $325 dollars each.

They sold out instantly.


Tom is one of those people whose creativity never stops. Within seconds of him finishing the run of Jet Jaguar Jumbos, he went on to casually create a very special one of a kind Tik Tok for me, in an act of kindness he affectionately called a ‘passion project’.


But because the man is a torrent of unending creativity, Tom revealed to me shortly after I received Tik Tok in the mail that he was going to challenge himself to yet another Jumbo creation. This one, he said, would challenge his 3D art skills and piece-combining capabilities to the next level.

He was going to make a Jumbo of yet another Godzilla robot man. This time, he was going after Zone Fighter.


After weeks of hard work and quiet diligence, Tom released a special reveal to the internet; the Zone Fighter prototype was complete. According to Tom, getting Zone Fighter where he was happy with it and ready to produce on a for-sale level took three tries with the torso, five tries with the head, and four times with the lower torso. But at long last, Tom says Zone Fighter is nearly ready to open up for sale.

Zone Fighter with his buddy Jet Jaguar, both from the Godzilla franchise

Even more exciting, the Zone Fighter figure will have details on it that many other custom Jumbos don’t. Tom and chew, which consists of fellow artists Wesley Bourn and Tristan Bernardo, paid special attention to the muscle sculpt on Zone Fighter. Additionally, Will from Shogun Redone will be producing special reproduction stickers just for Zone Fighter, a detail that helps make many of Tom’s Shogun Warriors customs look so special.

And believe me– I am not missing out on a chance to get one of these Zone Fighters for myself!

Because according to Tom, he and his artist friends challenge themselves with every new creation they make. And all of this, they say, is leading up to the creation of a custom…homemade…incredible…Mecha Godzilla.

For price and sales information, follow Tom Hughes on Facebook.

To learn more about the man behind the bots, you can read my interview with Tom on PopLurker! Below is a small gallery of some of his other customs and projects.

You can follow Tom Hughes on his personal Facebook page, where you can see pictures of all of his robot creations, and see progress shots of his newest projects!

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